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Recycled Products - Tire Shingles & Sidewalls Available

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After decades of experience handling scrap tires, Hoosick Tire developed the most efficient way to recycle, using the tread of a tire for shingles. This product may last a century and uses very little energy to manufacture. Tire shingles also have an insulation value that may keep a barn cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

So if you're looking for an original and durable roof for your shed, ask about tire shingles.

Hoosick Tire & Services is proud to support tire recycling efforts. We offer scrap tire removal and sell rubber tire shingles and sidewalls that make for great protection while serving as part of our green initiative.

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Tire Sidewalls for Bunker Silos

The sidewall of a passenger and light truck tire are made of radial cords that don't decompose, therefore they make great material for tile drains and leach fields on a farm. They are also easier to handle then gravel.

    Silage Protection: Our tire sidewalls have been used by dairy farmers and cattle feeding farmers for silage protection for more than 20 years. University studies have proven unanimously that tire sidewalls provide the best protection for crop spoilage by greatly minimizing exposure to air, water, disease, and mold.

    West Nile Virus Prevention: Whole tires trap stagnant water, insects, vermin, and pathogens like West Nile Virus. A one-time investment in our nylon, bias ply truck sidewalls allows you to work more efficiently with improved safety and hygiene, saving back-breaking labor and headaches, while minimizing the risk of silage spoilage.

    Tire sidewalls

    Easy to handle and store: Tire sidewalls are delivered bundled and strapped to allow quick, easy unloading and handling. Sidewalls can be neatly stacked and conveniently stored outdoors.

    Environmentally-friendly: We are very mindful of our impact on the environment and take great pride in our green approach to manufacturing and distributing. When you team up with us, you can rest easy knowing that our tire sidewalls are 100% recycled material.

We encourage drivers from Hoosick, NY, Cambridge, NY, Manchester, VT and Berlin, NY to go green with us. Try tire shingles and sidewalls for your next project.

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