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Go Green

Scrap tire removal

Do you have scrap tires sitting around that you’re not using? Why keep them? Hoosick Tire & Services wants your scrap tires—we’ll even remove them for you at a reasonable rate. Please call for scheduled pick up and the latest removal rates. You can also bring your scrap tires in at your convenience during business hours.

Scrap tires have many uses. As part of our Go Green program, we work to recycle old tires. Old tires have a wide array of uses, from mulch, to tire shingles and so much more. Whatever you have, we’ll haul it away for you. Your loss is our gain!

Call your nearest location, in Hoosick, NY or Cambridge, NY, for our best scrap rate.

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Scrap Tire Removal

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Recycle Your Tires with Hoosick Tire & Services

Did you ever wonder what happens to used tires when they’ve exceeded their natural life? At Hoosick Tire & Services, we take our spent tires and send them off to be repurposed. Our tires get sent to a reputable tire recycler where they can live again.

Tires don't need to be on the road to be useful. Whether from long age or low tread, when tires are no longer good for one application, they're still good in another.

We encourage drivers from Hoosick, NY, Cambridge, NY, Manchester, VT and Berlin, NY to go green with us.

What Happens to Tires When They Get Scrapped?

Hundreds of tires in landfill tires in landfill

Over 325 million tires are “scrapped” in the United States every year. More than 10 million of those are generated in NY State alone.

Very few companies make it their business to become part of the solution by reusing tires that still have a useful life. Millions of tires are destroyed or disposed of improperly every year in the US that could, and should, be reused.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an inexpensive alternative to new tires while helping reduce the size of the waste stream. Buying used tires also reduces your personal carbon footprint since no petroleum is used in the manufacture of used tires!

When used tires reach the end of their life, that's not the end of the tire. In the hands of a recycler, tires can be recycled in other ways, and we're not just talking about tire swings.

Go Green with Us

Shed with rubber tire shingles

When you choose to go green with Hoosick Tire & Services, you choose to help the environment, both through nitrogen inflation and tire recycling through a local tire recycler.

The tire recycler shreds them or turns the tires into crumbs, which are used for countless things, like:

  • Rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) for “green road” highways
  • Athletic fields and tracks
  • Protective clothing & shoes
  • Cushioned playground mats
  • Drain pipes
  • Mulch
  • Office supplies
  • Portable speed bumps
  • And so much more

At Hoosick Tire & Services, we work hard to ensure used tires never make their way to a landfill. Give us a call now at 518-677-3636 to learn more about tire recycling in Hoosick, NY.

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